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Racing Overlay
* Only works in Windowed mode.
  • Customizable background opacity
  • Adjustable Top / Bottom rows
  • Multiclass view option
  • Positions gain since start
  • Customizable SR and iRating
  • Last pit-stop lap
  • Adjustable time gain history
  • Customizable background opacity
  • Text shadow
  • Different text sizes
  • Adjustable number of rows
  • Oil Temp, Track Temp, SOF, Incidents, and Clock
  • Customizable SR and iRating badges
  • Last pit-stop lap
Pit Helper
  • Pit Limiter indication
  • Pit-Lane helper
  • Race Start helper
Fuel Calculator
  • Avarage, Qualy, and Custom rows
  • Fuel at End, +1Lap or -1Lap Refuel modes
  • Fuel at End counts with your current refuel in F4 box
  • Pit Indicator, learn more
  • Changing Custom value and Mode syncs across all opened instances
  • Customizable background opacity
  • Can be run as separate window
Spaceship Control Panel